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  1. Hi Year 5!

    I have finally watched Frozen! Thanks Abbie for the film, I really enjoyed it. I finally watched my first Dinsey film and I can say it may be the first of many! My favourite character is Olaf, I think he is nice, what’s yours?

    Miss Harrison

    • Hello Miss Harrison, I too enjoy Frozen and my favourite character is Olaf the snowman too. Also I recommend Big Hero 6 which is another Disney film.

    • Hello Miss Harrison my favourite character from Frozen is Sven because he is a very humorous character and I would recommend you to watch Big Hero 6.

  2. Hi Miss Harrison. The class miss you very much. My favourite character was also Olaf because he’s a funny, loving character who never gives up. I’d recommend going to the cinema and watching Home. It’s a great film and I think you’ll enjoy it. Good luck in the future.

  3. Hi Miss Harrison my favourite character is Olaf as well and I recommend you to watch Home. It is a really good film and I hope if you watch it, you will agree with me. I hope I see you soon ,bye from Olivia Ellis.

  4. Hi Miss Harrison
    My favourite character is Olaf as well because he is really funny and cute
    my favourite Disney film is Home you should watch that next because it is really good. It has got loads of good scenes and it is a really good film. Hope you had loads of fun watching Frozen.

  5. Hi Miss Harrison .
    My favorite Frozen character is Olaf . I like Olaf because he is very funny.
    i recommend that you should watch Home for your next film.

  6. Hi Miss Harrison,my favourite character is Anna because she is kind and loving
    and she cares about her sister.My film I recommend to you is Beauty and the Beast,hope you enjoy it if you get to watch it bye.

  7. Hi Miss Harrison
    My favourite Character out of Frozen is Elsa because she has an amazing voice. Another great Disney film is the new Cinderella .
    How are you?

  8. Hi Miss Harrison

    I’ve watched Frozen but Tin Tin is my favourite. In Frozen, Elsa & Anna are my best characters because they are funny and they always fallout.

  9. Hello Miss Harrison it has been a while and we all miss you very much.
    My favourite person is Olaf as well as Elsa. Olaf is cute and funny because he looses his nose so I like him also because he is a greet character.
    Elsa because her singing is beautiful and she is also a great character.
    I think you need to watch 101 Dalmatians next.

  10. Hi Miss Harrison
    I like Frozen as well because my favourite character is Olaf . He is funny and deserves to be in that film. I think you need to watch Home.

  11. Hi Miss Harrison,
    My favourite character in Frozen is Pabbie (the Grandpa) because all the trolls are very caring but Pabbie(the Grandpa) is extremely caring to Anna and I really like Anna at the same time. But I really do like all of the characters except I don’t like Hans because he is so mean and thinks he is good when he is not he is rotten!!! I recommend that you should watch Marley and me it is an extremely fun and sad film. I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH!!

  12. Hi Miss Harrison,

    We all miss you so much .My favourite Disney characters are Elsa and Rapunzel. I think you should watch Rapunzel because it is amazing to watch.

  13. Hi miss Harrison my favourite character is Olaf as well because he is really funny. Do you have a favourite part of the film because I do. My favourite part is when Christopher says to Olaf ” keep out of site” and then he says ”ok” and when he gets down to the village and he says ”hello” to the villagers and then they scream. I think the next film for you to watch is Monsters Ink and Monsters University. Hope to see you soon!!! Bye.

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