Reasoning and Problem Soliving

In maths, we worked in groups using a range of resources and techniques to solve some difficult problems. The problems used a mixture of multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, measure, ratio and money. We used concrete resources, drawings and written methods to helps us understand and solve problems. It was a great lesson.

English Topic- Historical Writing

Today in English, we started to look at our new Topic using the classic fiction of Charles Dickens. We read a very famous part of the story ‘Oliver Twist’ and used our comprehension skills to answer a range of questions about the text. 

Can you give a summary of the story so far?

Can you remember some of the interesting vocabulary we looked at and what they meant?

Can you remember any other Charles Dickens’ novels? 

Irreversible changes

This term in Science, we have been looking at reversible and irreversible changes. We had lots of fun mixing different solutions to see what new substances would be made. Our materials list included bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, lemon juice, washing powder, effervescent tablets, cola,mentos and water.

Do you know happens when you mix some of these materials?